What is a Cooperative?
The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

Parents are encouraged to serve (and are subsequently elected) as an officer on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, which meets monthly and also holds three mandatory parent meetings, has the unique responsibility of making decisions that affect our children’s day to day experiences, as well as major decisions that will impact the school for years to come. Serving on the Executive Committee is an extremely rewarding experience and is a great way to become involved with your child’s school.

Each year, parents elect five officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary) who in turn appoint five non-voting positions (Parent-Teacher Liaison, Health Agent, Registrar, Publicity and Social Events Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator).

Oversees all parent cooperative activities, business aspects and Lead Teacher/Director. Leads all meetings.

Vice President
Responsible for the snack and clean schedule, maintaining and organizing supplies, and obtaining substitute teachers when needed.

Responsible for all financial records, collecting tuition, completing payroll, paying bills, and renewing insurance.

Corresponding Secretary
Responsible for collecting and distributing mail, notifying Executive Committee and Board of Directors of all meetings and any other correspondence.

Recording Secretary
Responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings, updating and assembling Parent Handbooks, and any special administrative tasks assigned by the President.

Parent-Teacher Liaison
Manages maintenance issues and communication between parent volunteers and teachers regarding cooperative responsibilities.

Health Agent
Responsible for all student health records and health issues.

Publicity and Social Events Coordinator
Responsible for projecting a positive image of WFPS by advertising in newspapers, local cable channels, posting flyers, distributing brochures, and direct marketing to preschool candidates or alumni; updating brochure prior to printing; working with Registrar to prepare for any fairs and Open Houses; working with Fundraising to publicize upcoming events, and corresponding with web developer to keep our website up to date, and any other task for computers as the Director deems necessary. Also helps build “community” by organizing fun, family-friendly activities for WFPS.

Fundraising Coordinator
Responsible for helping to plan monthly community-building “fun”draisers, as well as the main fall and spring fundraisers.