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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that involving parents, teachers and children in a cooperative manner results in the best early-education experience.  We provide an array of exciting, developmentally appropriate activities that allow each child to learn, grow, explore, and discover at his or her own pace. Children at West Falmouth Preschool are exposed to activities of an artistic, cultural, scientific and physical nature, helping to foster awareness of the world around them. Our students grow and develop confidence through experiences that nurture a positive, supportive attitude towards themselves, their family, school and community.

Goals of the West Falmouth Preschool program are:

  • Create a positive learning environment.
  • Promote self-confidence by means of a flexible, semi-structured curriculum that incorporates social, as well as limited academic skills, through a wide spectrum of materials and media.
  • Encourage children to create, investigate, problem solve, experiment and share.
  • Provide a warm, caring and cozy place where kids can be kids!