The following is a “sampling” of Daily/Weekly areas of exposure. This list may not be covered in its entirety and may be changed at any time. We encourage parental participation which will help enrich our curriculum.  We welcome and encourage  anyone with a special talent to share it with us at any time!

Note: These “themes/units” are not covered in any particular order. This list may not be covered in its entirety.

Seasonal Changes, Colors, Shapes, Self-concept, Five Senses, Animals, Dinosaurs, Space, The Wind, Safety, Health and Hygiene, Manners, Transportation, Community Workers, Nutrition, The Ocean, Nursery Rhymes, Holidays, Families, Insects, Authors, Science, Magnetism, Sound, Ice & Snow, Computers

A General Sampling of Daily Areas of Exposure are as follows:

Art, Music, Math, Language Arts, Reading Readiness, Science, Computers, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social Skills, Block Play, Dramatic Play, Show and Tell, Tactile Mediums

A General Sampling of Daily Areas of Concepts are as follows:

Classification – same and different, sorting

Matching – equal, identical, same, opposites

Sequencing – big, bigger, biggest – small, smaller, smallest, etc

Math Concepts – more, less, all, some, same amount

Time Units – yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc

Spatial Relations – Position/over, under, between, etc, direction/forward

Pre-Reading Concepts – previewing and predicting, perception, using context clues, beginning – middle – end

Sharing and Cooperation